Who we are?

SYSTOLOGIC has a team of well qualified and experienced engineers, specialist technicians and other supervisory staff in the field of engineering and management. Professional team with highly disciplined skills assures timely completion of projects and procurement of products to the entire satisfaction of the clients. SYSTOLOGIC is fully capable to meet the commitments and discharge the responsibilities in a most professional manner We are a progressive technology based solution provisioning, project management and procurement management company. We are an established provider of electronic design, development and other engineering services to various government/private entities, avionics/aerospace community, industry and academic institutions Our reputation is established for our technical excellence in the regional industrial community, the supporting agencies, local academia and the wider electronics development / design groups. Our technical excellence and the strong presence in the R&D sector has given us an edge over the other in the arena of procurement management.



We specialize in Training and Human Capital Developement for both management and technical skills.We work together with companies as smart partnership in providing hands-on solutions to help solve day to day business challenges by training their human resource.We want to support you in meeting your needs and most importantly achieving your goals in improving bottom line results and to sustain the competitive advantage. We envision in DELIVERING SUSTAINABLE HUMAN CAPITAL FOR THE FUTURE.Our mission is to design and deliver high impact development programs and a wide range of consultancy services that produce outstanding human performance in your organizations.
An intelligent approach to technology solutions. SYSTOLOGIC is a leader in providing smart, cutting-edge technology solutions for organizations of all sizes. From developing unique strategies to delivering the products, services and expertise, we’ll help your business run more efficiently and modernize through our Intelligent Technology Solutions. As a single source for all of your IT needs, we align the latest technologies with our customer, workforce and infrastructure goals. We works seamlessly to ensemble your company with computer hardware and software solutions for your foremost business needs. With our full service support, you can easily set up a new office, expand or even upgrade your IT systems without any dilemmas and hardships. We are motivated to offer you complete Reliability,Technical Support Progressive and Innovative Systems.
We provides clients with engineering expertise throughout the project lifecycle, from feasibility studies and scope documents to design conceptualisation, Project management and post-Project evaluations. Our objective is to provide integrated, client-driven consulting engineering and design solutions that help companies attain a competitive edge in the market. The team of professionals has the best resources and proficiency in delivering fast and accurate results that ensure value addition at every stage of work, contributing to the project’s success.
We are value added resellers company based in Pakistan and providing services for import & product handling to suppliers since 2006 by the name of ICSYNDICATE & now Systologic. these products are handled directly for multiple suppliers & indirectly to a number of private, public and government sector organizations and companies. We have been providing products and solutions in the field of simulation, security systems, computing, information technology, Aviation spares, Kevlar / Armour material and sheets, and avionics systems. We have strong business relations in many parts of the world. We have an energetic marketing force, highly professional technical support and well connected business executives. We are very well networked with the defence industry and clients in Pakistan.




  • Fire Alarm System
  • Fire Fighting & Fire Hydrant System
  • Fire Suppression System
  • Fire Escape Cute
  • Fire Resistance Cable
  • Public Address System
  • CCTV System
  • Building Energy Management System
  • Mini PC
  • Computing Accessories
  • Graphic Card
  • Smart Home Devices
  • VR Computing Solution
  • Rugged Computing Solutions
  • Rugged Information Controller & Display
  • Commercial Interactive Display
  • Embedded Electronic Solutions

  • Aluminium Frame Structures
  • Rugged Transportable Container & Boxes
  • Tensile Fabric Structure
  • Military Transportable & Redeployable Hangers
  • Aviation & Radar Spares
  • Repair & Recovery Of Radar Spares




SYSTOLOGIC is looking for top talent in a variety of fields including engineering, finance, sales/marketing and administration.
We are an equal opportunity employer, paying competitive salaries and offering a comprehensive benefits package.If you wish just to have your resume added to our file, please forward it to:

Email: info@systologic.com


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